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This post is basically a love letter to the things I love to nerd out about. If you share any of these, let me know!

  • Books. Obviously. Forever. Reading is one of my favorite things in the world, and I’m pretty sure heaven is going to involve a real big library.

  • Mythology. I know the most about Greek and Norse mythology, but I also love learning about Celtic and Egyptian and Native American and Mesopotamian and any other kind you can think of.
  • Bluegrass music. <3 I’m a little resentful of the fact that I’m from Wisconsin, because I have an Appalachian soul.

(jk I love you Wisconsin)

  • Hamilton! Hamilton is everything. It takes an incredibly important and interesting part of our history, and translates it into the language we speak today. And the writing is amazing.

And if there’s a reason I’m still alive

When so many have died

Then I’m willing to wait for it.

Don’t throw away your shot, yo.

  • Birds! Last fall semester I took an ornithology course, and I became an official bird nerd. I’m always craning (BIRD PUN) my neck to see what’s flying around, and I’m thinking of investing in some good binocs.
Let me introduce you to the American robin #birdexpert
  • Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit. :’) Probably some of the best stories out there. I’ve watched the movies (duh) and read the books too. Billy Boyd’s songs always brings the tears.
  • Health and wellness. I love reading about nutrition, doing yoga, going for runs, and keeping myself as healthy as possible. That doesn’t mean I actually am super healthy (vegan ice cream is a thing), but I try, man. I read a book a few years ago called The Blue Zones, which are basically these places around the world where people regularly live to be over 100, and they avoid terrifying things like heart disease. Since reading that, living to be 100 has been a casual goal of mine. ✌️ #nbd
but consider this: has anyone ever had too many strawberries?
  • Disney! You gotta love Disney. Moana was amazing with Polynesian culture and my boi Lin-Manuel, the live action Cinderella was magic, and the music in Princess and the Frog gives me life. (You gotta diiiiiig a little deeper!) In case you’re wondering, my favorite princesses are Mulan and Pocahontas.

Pocahontas is actually everything I want to be as a person and I love her.

  • Languages. I just… I could cry sometimes because of how beautiful Spanish is. Other times I could cry because of Spanish conjugations. Either way tears are involved. I use Duolingo to review Spanish, and to learn German and French. I’ve thought about studying Mandarin too, but I’m too intimidated to start learning that one… for now.

Duolingo is basically an online, free Rosetta Stone that teaches you how to say really useful things like “Je suis une pomme.” I love it.

  • Theology. Learning more about what’s most important to me. Tim Keller and C.S. Lewis are faves.

The gospel is this: We are more sinful and flawed in ourselves than we ever dared believe, yet at the very same time we are more loved and accepted in Jesus Christ than we ever dared hope.

– Tim Keller

  • MBTI! Ohhhhhh man do I love the Myers-Briggs test. Learning about your own type is great, and  learning about other people’s types is a fantastic way to understand them better.

I’m a mystical unicorn INFJ, in case you were wondering.

(Honestly psychology and sociology in general are just fascinating to me. I’ve gotten to take a few courses in high school and college, and I absolutely loved them.)

  • Sustainability and good urban design and environmental restoration. <3 Bike lanes and public transportation and walkable cities and green spaces and getting people interested in and passionate about what’s in their own backyards. Love love love it all.

All right, that’s all I’ve got for today! Are we nerds about any of the same things? Do you love something that I left off the list? Let me know!


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6 thoughts on “What a Nerd”

  1. Oh I love the MBTI things too! I love sorting people/books/characters into Hogwarts houses.? It’s like where I totally geek out absolutely all the time! And SO MUCH NERDING OUT OVER BOOKS. I relate. <3 Also mythology is so cool?! Sometimes it does my head in, but like old traditional fairy tales and mythology are completely fascinating. I research them just for fun!

  2. Hey, I live in Appalachia (West Virginia, to be specific)! Bluegrass music is fantastic. I also have a huge soft spot for Americana and folk rock music. I was also obsessed with mythology and fairy tales when I was younger; right now I’ve switched gears a bit–I really, really love folklore (especially ghost stories) and urban legends.

    1. YES! I love the tall tales of America especially, like Pecos Bill and Paul Bunyan. (Also I’m kinda jealous about the West Virginia thing. ? )

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