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Top Ten Tuesday! Hawww yiss!

Actually, the folks who run Top Ten Tuesday are on hiatus, so there is no Top Ten Tuesday for today. BUT – I live by no man’s rules, so I fearlessly chose a prompt from – wait for it – 2010. Brace yourself, because it’s


Prepare to launch the ships.

  1. Puck x Sabrina, from Sisters Grimm

The couple that introduced me to the ways of shipping. I pretty much grew up with Michael Buckley’s Sisters Grimm series, and though I ended up getting kind of frustrated with the series as it went on, it still has a special place in my heart.

ah, young love

What we have on our left is classic Puck and Sabrina. Puck is the one who drew the mustache on Sabrina’s face, and the chimpanzees (not monkeys) are some of his loyal soldiers. They have fireworks. Shortly after this, Sabrina punches him in the gut.

Other fun couple moments for these two involve robbing a bank, battling a jabberwocky, and running from hordes of bloodthirsty rabbits.

first meeting, awwww; art creds here

2. Cinder x Kai, from the Lunar Chronicles

Honestly, any of the Lunar Chronicles couples could’ve made it onto this list. They’re all fantastic. But I think what maybe sets Cinder and Kai apart for me is that they’re so goshdarn responsible. They’re so determined to do the right thing for the people they lead, and they truly put their countries first. Responsibility is cool, kids!

3. Kendra x Bracken, from Fablehaven

Kendra and Bracken are PURE. Literally. I love them so much. Kendra was kissed by fairies until she became fairykind, and Bracken is an actual unicorn who’s stuck in human form. (Dragonwatch is coming out NEXT WEEK, so there’s more Kendra/Bracken to come. *wipes away tear of joy*)

classic Kendra move

4. Elizabeth Bennett x Mr. Collins

The couple that should’ve been, amirite?


PSYCH. Gotcha. I’m gonna have to go with the classic Elizabeth/Mr. Darcy on this one. Call me crazy.

not cool bro

5. Jane Eyre x Mr. Rochester

Speaking of books from the 19th century, it hardly gets better than Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester! Ah, nothing like intellectual equals and attempted polygamy.




6. Percy Jackson x Annabeth Chase

They’re just so perfect. I’m not a huge fan of Rick Riordan’s later series, but the first five books are pure gold. Greek mythology come to life, deadly fights, and summer camp. It doesn’t get much better than that.

7. Sean and Puck, from The Scorpio Races

You know it’s real romance when he lets you ride his flesh-eating horse. For real, this whole book is just a treat to read. The island, the horses, Puck’s brothers, the writing in general… Can’t go wrong, frens.

I say, ‘I will not be your weakness, Sean Kendrick.’
Now he looks at me. He says, very softly, ‘It’s late for that, Puck.

8. Jimmy x Lori, from Life Expectancy

Jimmy and Lori are basically everything I want from married life/life in general. Their relationship is built on kindness, courage, deep regard for the other, and above all else, cracking jokes in frightening situations. #goals This book is just one of my favorites: funny enough to bring me to tears, and deeply wise.

Also, the villain in this book is a circus clown, so prepare for your newfound coulrophobia.

9. Will x Alyss, from the Ranger’s Apprentice series

Shoutout to one of my favorite series that no one seems to know about. Will and Alyss are great because 1. respect and friendship first, 2.Will is a Ranger and Alyss is a skilled diplomat #powercouple, and 3. Alyss is taller than Will and neither one cares one bit. Gotta love ’em.

10. Bryce x Juli, from Flipped

also the book has chickens so…

I started this out with one of my favorite books growing up, so it seems appropriate to finish it off with another childhood fave. Told from their alternating viewpoints, Flipped tells the story of two next door neighbors with radically different lives and personalities. But over the course of the book, they both start to look at each other differently. (As in Juli starts to totally hate Bryce and I love it.)

Also Juli was 100% my role model when I was little. And by Juli was I mean Juli is and will be forever.

Uff da. Um, 10 was way more than I thought. But it was also a lot of fun, so #noregrets. How ’bout you guys – have you read any of these? Who are your favorite couples?

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6 thoughts on “Fave Book Couples”

  1. OMG THE SCORPIO RACES. EXCUSE ME WHILE I FLAIL FOREVER.😍😍😍 I love that book and those two sooo much. Basically one of my top ships of all time. *squishes them together* And I also love Percabeth! Although I prefer the second series? hehe. Although I don’t prefer that there’s not as much Percy. I NEED MORE PERCY ALWAYS.😂 One of my favourite couples is also Scarlet x Wolf from The Lunar Chronicles. They’re so cuuuute. And I love Finn and Petey from Bone Gap!

  2. There were about two seconds there where I had to take a deep breath and mentally whisper “no judgment, no judgment.” LOL. Seriously, DARCYXELIZABETHFOREVER!!! Jane and Rochester, too! Oh, and PUCK AND SEAN OH MY GOSH!!!

    1. Ahhh hahahaha GOTCHA! I will say, though, the Kiera Knightly version of Mr. Collins is my favorite ever – I’m pretty much rolling on the floor laughing every time he comes on screen!! 😂😂

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